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MH17 False Flag?

mh17 hullThe horror of Malaysian flight MH17 has galvanized the world in it’s condemnation of such a ruthless act. Hardly surprising, given events in the area, was the instant demonization of Russia. But this in itself should alert you to the dangers of relying on mainstream media to present the truth.sun-july18-2014Within hours of the tragedy we had “The Sun” newspaper declaring it was “Putin’s Missile”. No hard facts, no official investigation, just outright propaganda.
Agenda journalism, especially from Rupert Murdoch, so soon after the tragedy negates any claims to giving you the truth. It’s surprising that anyone in the UK would take this headline at face value, given the Murdoch press reputation there. Still, most people are easily drawn in to a big fat headline such as “45 minutes from attack” during the lead up to the Iraq war. To paraphrase a Russian saying “…at least we know our media is lying to us”.

article-1230824-075CFD49000005DC-984_468x555Given that the western governments have everything to gain from pinning this on Russia, it’s hardly surprising that the corporate media frenzy has been so fierce. Facts always come to the surface slowly, so it’s important for them to galvanize world opinion before the narrative starts to fall apart. This means that for the bulk of the sheep in mainstream media land, their bias filter is well and truly switched on before truth has a chance to propagate.

There’s already plenty of evidence mounting up on the internet that punches holes in the “official” narrative”. Some of it disappearing not long after it’s discovered. Thankfully many people are wired to find the real truth and caching the information.

I believe that Russia is playing the long game here. Amassing real evidence that points the finger at the Ukraine government. Exposing once again that western powers have no credibility when it comes to unbiased truth. The danger for them of course is that the mindless minions will dismiss it because they’ve already had their minds made up for them.